Your supervisor considers your institution to be a gatekeeper that thoroughly understands the risks of your business, your products and your customers. As a compliance officer, you are expected to make sure your organisation acts in line with the latest AML/CFT laws and regulations.

You know you need to be on top of AML/CFT compliance. Yet fully understanding and implementing all the requirements regarding CDD, enhanced due diligence, PEPs and transaction monitoring can be challenging.

In addition, the link between AML/CFT on the one hand and privacy and data protection rules on the other is becoming increasingly relevant. With the EU AML Directive being amended in rapid succession, the need for a risk-based approach to AML/CFT has become crucial.

What are your AML/CFT compliance challenges?

Need to know how to investigate your customers’ source of funds? Looking for guidance in evaluating the risks of a politically exposed person (PEP)? Want to learn how to assess client risks? Keen to become better at identifying unusual transactions?

I can assist with

Conducting AML/CFT compliance audits and gap analyses of CDD processes.

Developing AML/CFT policies and procedures, including CDD and transaction monitoring.

Delivering practical and tailor-made training for employees, managers, compliance and audit staff.

Responding to requests and examination results of your supervisor.