The number of integrity threats to your organisation keeps increasing. As a compliance officer, you need to make sure measures are in place to prevent your organisation from being misused for illegal practices such as money laundering, terrorism financing, bribery, corruption, tax evasion and fraud. In addition, there are sanctions to comply with, and there will always be risks inherent to the processes and operations of your institution.

As a result, compliance risk management is becoming more and more of a challenge. A compliance framework starts with a business-wide risk assessment of all the threats and vulnerabilities your organisation faces. Only with a systematic integrity risk assessment (SIRA) will your organisation be able to implement risk-based internal policies and procedures and thoroughly control your inherent and compliance risks.

What are your compliance challenges when it comes to Integrity?

Want to learn how to formulate a clear risk appetite? Need to develop a tax integrity policy, or adjust your organisation’s existing policy? Keen to find out about the latest developments regarding integrity risks? Get your co-workers trained on how to recognise integrity risks?

I can assist with

Setting up a risk assessment methodology.

Assessing your organisation’s inherent risks and compliance risks.

Reinforcing the compliance function and developing a compliance monitoring program.

Validating post-incident compliance framework improvements.