Compliance with EU sanctions regulations is challenging. Over 30 sanctions regimes exist. They consist of measures designed to target terrorism, nuclear proliferation activities, human rights violations, or the annexation of foreign territory, for instance. Examples of sanctions are the freezing of assets belonging to listed persons or entities, or economic sanctions affecting specific sectors of the economy of a country, such as a ban on importing or exporting certain goods from or to particular countries.

Sanctions are governed by current affairs and political developments. As a result, they are subject to frequent change and extension. In addition, new sanctions keep being introduced. At the same time, implementation of sanctions regulations is gaining more and more attention from your supervisors. Enforcement is increasing.

What are your sanctions compliance challenges?

Looking for guidance in interpreting complex sanctions issues? Want to assess your sanctions compliance process to see if you are taking the right steps? Keen to find out how to implement financial sanctions? Interested to know if economic sanctions apply?

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Audits and gap analyses of sanctions compliance processes.

Developing sanctions policies and procedures.

Delivering practical and tailor-made training for employees, managers, compliance and audit staff.

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